Today we are continuing to consider God’s many gifts to us and the response or the effect that each gift has in our lives. When the series started three weeks ago, we reflected on God’s mercy and our response of worshipping God with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind. Then a couple […]

Today we begin a new series called “God’s Gift and Our Response.” The idea behind this series is that God gives us many good and wonderful gifts that we need. But a gift does not give its intended benefit if the one receiving the gift does not open the gift and use it. You could […]

I found myself thinking that, in our economy there are three basic kinds of businesses. There are miners, those that withdraw existing resources without replacing them. There are builders, those who take existing resources and put them together in a new way. And there are farmers, those who nurture and encourage life to create new […]

Today is the second last Sunday in the sermon series we call “SONshine in the Summertime.” And the main idea of the series is that sharing Jesus’ love with others should be just as easy and just as natural as one child passing a beach ball on a beach to another child. And today we […]

One of the unique features about our church is that the building that we worship in used to be a nursery. As a result, some people in the community refer to us as “The Garden Church.” What a great nickname for a church! Gardens don’t exist for their own sake. They are places where plants […]

This week, we continue with our series of SONshine in the Summertime and the basic idea of this series is that sharing Jesus’ love with others should be just as simple and just as natural for a follower of Jesus as it is for two children on a beach to pass a beachball from one […]

For the past couple of weeks, billion of people around the world have been thinking about, watching and talking about soccer because the World Cup is on right now. So in honour of the World Cup, I invite you to watch the following video. Now what is the mission of a soccer team? How did […]


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