A week ago Saturday, Susan and I and our family heading over to our son’s fiancée’s family’s house for dinner. They moved in to a new place 8 months ago and we had not been there since so there was a bit of preparation that we needed to do. We made sure that we had […]

Years ago, when I was a young boy, my family and I were visiting my Grandma and Grandpa at their farm. There was some time to kill during the afternoon, so my uncle, who was a year and a bit older than me, invited me to go outside with him. He had recently bought a […]

Big Idea: Jesus is the only one who takes all of our sin, guilt and shame away from us Read: John 1:29-34 Ice-breaker question: If you can think of a situation, please describe an event that happened over which someone felt immense remorse and/or guilt. What impact did that event have on that person over […]

A few years ago, when I was in my previous parish, a member of the congregation, who was also friend of mine, asked me to go visit his Dad in the local hospital. His Dad has recently received a diagnosis of terminal cancer and he was very anxious and afraid. Fear is a very powerful […]

October 2017 will mark the 500th Anniversary of the start of the Reformation, so you are likely to hear something about that over the coming year. Now you may wonder what difference a dusty, old historical event makes in your busy, fast-paced life here in the Lower Mainland of BC. Turns out, quite a lot. […]

Years ago, when I was young, I was helping my Dad and our hired men move some equipment home from some fields of ours that were about 10 miles from home. I was driving one of our 3-ton grain trucks which had a 5-speed manual transmission. Most of the trip home was uneventful, but 1 […]

One time, when I was a little boy, I was watching from the barn door as my Dad was working with a Red Angus cow and her calf. The calf was freshly born and my Dad was trying to help it get up and have its first drink of milk.  The barn door was open […]