Faith, Suffering and Joy

Opening Prayer

Read 1 Peter 1:1-25a

  1. Who is the writer of this letter?
  1. To whom is the writer writing?
  1. How does the writer describe the people being addressed?
  1. Who would properly be described in that way?
  1. How have these people been chosen?
  1. What are they chosen for?
  1. What does this mean for us in our lives?
  1. What has God given us?
  1. Though we rejoice in God’s gifts, there is also reason for sadness.  Why?
  1. What good can result when we experience trials?
  1. How can we experience both grief and joy at the same time?
  1. How did the prophets, that is in this case, the Old Testament writers, serve us?
  1. As a response to what Jesus has done for us, how are we to think?
  1. How are we to be?
  1. What does it mean to “be holy”?
  1. How are we to live?  Why?
  1. How are we to relate to our brethren?
  1. In a situation where everything is changing so rapidly and where life is so brief, where do we place our hope and confidence?
  1. What does this mean for our lives?

Closing Prayer


About James Paulgaard

Living in the in between, becoming, but not quite there yet, old and new mixed together, hanging on with all my might to the One who is holding onto me.
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