Her Beauty is Revealed When She Sings

The YouTube video of Susan Boyle’s performance on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show has become a viral phenomen.  A fellow pastor has made an excellent observation about this event and why it is so powerfully resonating with so many people.  And he makes a connection with another lady who is beautiful when she sings.  See “Think Again!”  at:

Hope for the Hapless, “Think Again!”


About James Paulgaard

Living in the in between, becoming, but not quite there yet, old and new mixed together, hanging on with all my might to the One who is holding onto me.
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2 Responses to Her Beauty is Revealed When She Sings

  1. karen says:

    Forgive me if I am wrong. However, is it not terribley wrong to make this site seem as if Susan herself is in on it? I’m rather certain God does not enjoy all of this fakeness. How shameful; however, I can not judge you! Not my job. Simply sad that anyone would exploit Susan using God name in vain. Very sad.


    • James Paulgaard says:

      This blog post redirects people to a post on another blog that speaks in more detail about Susan Boyle. I believe that that post is worthwhile and well-written and so, rather than emulate it, I pointed others to it. After seeing the previous comment, I checked the link and discovered that it no longer went directly to the post about Susan Boyle. I have corrected that. My apologies!


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