Luke 7:36-50 – The Anointing of Jesus

Read: Luke 7:36-50

Relevant Passages:
• See Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; and John 12:1-8 for similar accounts.

Extra Info:
• v. 36 In that day and age people did not sit on chairs when eating. They reclined at a the low table propping themselves up on their left elbow. Each person’s head would be closest to the table and their feet would be furthest away.
• v. 37 A jar of alabaster stone normally held very precious substances. These jars were usually used only once. Sealed after it was filled, the long neck of the jar often had to be broken to empty out the contents.
• Some perfumes, in that time, could cost as much as a year’s wages.
• It was not unusual for this woman to come to this meal for teachers often ate in open meals where visitors were welcome. But for her to approach Jesus as she did was very unusual and took a lot of courage, especially so with her reputation in that town.
• v. 41 The debts in Jesus’ story are significant. A denarius was the pay for a day’s work, so we are talking about 2 months and 20 months worth of salary based on the 6 day work week of that time.
• v. 47 The fact that the woman loved much is evidence that her sins have indeed been forgiven.

1. What did the woman do?
2. What thoughts were going through the head of Simon the Pharisee as she did that?
3. What did Jesus do for the woman?

4. Why did the woman do what she did?
5. Which debtor in Jesus’ story represented Simon?
6. Which debtor in Jesus’ story represented the woman?
7. Why isn’t Simon thankful towards Jesus like the woman is?

8. Which debtor in Jesus represent you?
9. Jesus’ point is that the person who realizes the magnitude of Jesus’ forgiveness towards them has great love for the One who has forgiven them. How great is the magnitude of Jesus’ forgiveness for you?
10. How can you show the love you have for Jesus in response for what he has done for you?


About James Paulgaard

Living in the in between, becoming, but not quite there yet, old and new mixed together, hanging on with all my might to the One who is holding onto me.
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