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A Miraculous Rescue: Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

A few years ago, when I was in my previous parish, a member of the congregation, who was also friend of mine, asked me to go visit his Dad in the local hospital. His Dad has recently received a diagnosis of terminal cancer and he was very anxious and afraid. Fear is a very powerful […]

The Cost of Forgiveness: The Passover

Years ago, when I was young, I was helping my Dad and our hired men move some equipment home from some fields of ours that were about 10 miles from home. I was driving one of our 3-ton grain trucks which had a 5-speed manual transmission. Most of the trip home was uneventful, but 1 […]

Remember the Rescue

One time, when I was a little boy, I was watching from the barn door as my Dad was working with a Red Angus cow and her calf. The calf was freshly born and my Dad was trying to help it get up and have its first drink of milk.  The barn door was open […]

The Father’s Love

(This message is based on Luke 15:11-31.) Today is Father’s Day, and we are going to mark that occasion by reflecting on a story that Jesus told of a father with two sons. It is recorded in Luke 15:11-31, so if you like to turn there on your Bible app on your smartphone or in […]

Three Days

The days are long when you are on death row in Texas, especially for a crime that you didn’t commit. A younger version of Stevie Washington joined with some friends looking for fun on a Friday night in Houston. They decided to hold up a liquor store to get some cash and some booze and, […]

Don’t Spoil Your Appetite

(Based on John 6:25-40.) How many of you have ever heard someone say to you in a very direct, pointed manner, “Don’t spoil your appetite!” Let’s think about what that person means when they say that. Usually the person saying those words to you is someone who loves you and only wants what is best […]


A week and a half ago, Susan and I travelled to the United States for a conference and a short holiday. And one thing that people must do when they travel to another country is to get some currency of the country to which you are traveling. Currency is how things are valued, currency is […]